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“I hadn’t been to a psychic before [doing this show] but I went to have my cards read as research,” says Donovan, 48.

“It was illuminating — not so much about my future but about how the psychic was kind of playing me …

When his wife urges him to break out on his own, he’s careful – because he knows that one wrong move will land him in a shallow grave.

“It’s like any other business — there’s upper management,” says Donovan.PHOTOS: Stars show off their blingy engagement rings E!News reports that Donovan and Woods have been together for several years, and that the duo are eyeing a summer wedding date.), Tri-Star Television and Mark Johnson’s Gran Via Productions, takes a darkly comedic look at the underground world of Los Angeles storefront psychics and the organized crime syndicate that runs them.The story revolves around a disgruntled player in the organization who finds his cynical world view challenged when he starts to experience visions that may or may not be real.

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If I had to do an accent or some kind of character, it was always fun to make that up with the writer.

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