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I have tried again after your answer and same issue I am passing date in mm/dd/yyyy format intentionally and it is not coming in catch block.First of all, ignore the execution and check the state of date value, second, it works for me Date Format.parse(Date at Ideone.main( A combination of the regex and Simple Date Format is the right answer i believe.Section 2.3, “Built-in constraints” provides an overview of all built-in constraints coming with Hibernate Validator.If you are interested in applying constraints to method parameters and return values, refer to Chapter 3, Declaring and validating method constraints.Currently when I enter a date with 13 months it will carry over to add one year and then will display 1 month.

As indicated by the comments in the program, fill in the following: 1.

Simple Date Format does not catch exception if the individual components are invalid meaning, Format Defined: yyyy-mm-dd input: 201-0-12 No exception will be thrown. But with the regex as suggested by Sok Pomaranczowy and Baby will take care of this particular case.

I want to know is there a way to check the Java Date format to makes sure that a user doesn't enter a date like where the format is dd-MM-yyyy.

Constraints in Bean Validation are expressed via Java annotations.

In this section you will learn how to enhance an object model with these annotations.

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Constraints can be applied to fields of any access type (public, private etc.).

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