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The move comes as MPs are also considering the compulsory introduction of patriotism classes in all Russian schools.

Under one proposal lessons in Russian literature could be scaled back to find room on the curriculum.

The move came as Russia's broadcast watchdog began hearings on whether or not to revoke the license of a cartoon network as punishment for transmitting episodes of South Park, The Simpsons and Family Guy.

The State Duma, Russia's parliament, said that the frequency given to the 2x2 cartoon channel would instead be given to new government network that "reflects the state position in the area of youth policy".

CG: IT'S LIKE A SHRÖDINGER'S MEOWBEAST OF POTENTIAL ROMANTIC DISASTER UP IN THIS BITCH--John’s not good at relationships or emotions or anything. Just a guy with a lot of people who mean a lot to him, and he’d hate to have to categorize those relationships into neat little boxes like trolls or have to pick only one that matters the most under the human system.

(I swear to God there's going to be sex but also a lot of dorky boys doing cute gay dating and kissing things because this dynamic is fascinating and I want all four of them to be happy.)--NOW WITH 8TRAX PLAYLIST: “Rox, is this one of those what if we had kids scenarios?

The most common slides in investor pitches is the 2x2 market/competitor matrix.

There are many of them - you probably have one in your own investor deck. The company’s logo appears in the upper right quadrant, and that space is usually wide open (or there is a good story as to why the other competitors in that region are weak).

If a professing 2x2 is dating an outsider, the workers ban the individual from partaking of the emblems.

"The authorities are accelerating their own death by all this." The Kremlin has also come under criticism for creating nationalist youth movements like Nashi, whose members have sworn allegiance to Vladimir Putin, the prime minister, and have been used to disrupt opposition protests.

The anticipated closure of 2x2, which will learn its fate within days, has also raised questions over the manner in which Russia's authorities are interpreting legislation ostensibly introduced to fight xenophobia.

The channel is facing a criminal investigation for broadcasting an episode of South Park that allegedly promoted religious hatred.

The episode, titled "Mr Hankey's Christmas Classics" featured a taking faeces that emerges from a lavatory every Christmas Eve to give presents to children whose diet is suitably fibre-rich.

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