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More specifically, this series is written from the perspective of INTP males pairing with INFJ females.

In this series of posts, we will explore some of the dynamics, challenges, and rewards of INFJ-INTP relationships.

For instance under 80% most think women are obligated to shave, that the man should rule the house, certain sex acts are wrong, don’t appreciate intelligence, etc.3. Drenth Sometimes dubbed “the golden pair,” many have noted the potential for great compatibility and camaraderie in INTP-INFJ relationships.While some typologists avoid addressing sex and gender differences, having engaged with both male and female INTPs and INFJs, I feel that sex differences do play a noteworthy role in their presentation and cannot be ignored, especially when it comes to relationships.The point of this post is simply to point out the various pros and cons of engaging with other types.What ISFJs Want in Relationships ISFJs get an immense amount of pleasure from serving and taking care of their loved ones.

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