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Unlike your usual , I work at an actual job for a living and have some semblance of a personal life. if you do not follow those simple isntructions I will delete your email. I've got a great job for the government, my own car, you name it. I enjoy guitar/piano,search for sex fuck in Nashvilledavidson videogames, girls from San Diego California pussy pub crawling, hitting the gym, target shooting, mature ladys Machynlleth etc. Also enjoy good television/ and reading from time to time. I'd really appreciate someone who doesn't want to text back and forth for weeks and much waste my time. Please send xxx pictures in your email and put your favorite NFL team in the subject line.Life partners or spouse used as educational resource and source of information about my years as executive producer of the film, when the couple first got together.Odom, broken up year since my relationship which fine by me, places have singles parties where you how do you hook up a voltmeter can meet trinidad.Following in her well-heeled footsteps, in 1987 came the Virtual Woman: a computer program that allows men to create the perfect woman. xx They survey discovered that this is what makes up the ideal woman. :-D Aahh, there's no such thing as perfect - just perfect for you. Too many out there with a Defeatist attitude (which im certain all gets blamed on their ex) 15. Accept your 'perfect' at some stage in life partner and build a bridge over issues. As does the falacy that there is a knight in shinning armour as being struck by cupids arrow. Hates clubbing, and doesnt like the oft-associated drug culture 20. Notwithstanding all the above, as long as she loves me and I love her, and that we make each other happy, I'd disregard any or all of that. Re the virtual woman, if you really want a girl on your computer then THIS is the one to get: Virtua Girl. Very good looking(yes, but this is a little subjective.looking for a supermodel) 12. Re that list I am especially happy that she earns more than ,000 and doesn't drive a Ford Ka. Let's just categorically rule out that stupid platinum blonde-size 4/6-high heeled-look du jour favoured by some Sydney women. :-) The only time I've been 60 kilos in my life was when I was a teenager and in my early 20s when I never ate and as a result had small boobs and hair on my face - not attractive... hair is caused by hormones and not by weight and age.... I wonder how much it would change if it were Aussie blokes ticking the boxes? Everyone is going to have their own take on this, but to me, the perfect woman is Megan Gale. Posted by: Waz you sex demon on May 13, 2008 AM Just mum and sister actually, dad passed away a few years ago.They can choose her ethnic type, personality, location, clothing and can even specify if she Virtual Woman should have tan lines underneath her clothes. ;-) I am all the above apart from #s 1, 2, 4, 5, 15, 16 and 19..that still make me desirable? Occasionally wears glasses - sun glasses i would hope 4. Earns less than ,000 a year - is money REALLY an issue? Very good looking - Subjective, I know a guy that goes after the less attractive in the hope of reducing the cheating factor. Just like wines there are two types of females, the ones you like and the ones you dont. Owns a Ford Ka or Mazda MX5- well they are girls cars. Or at the very least understands why men should have them; both of them. Nurse or PR Executive- Nah any job will do as long as she is happy, and is a valued employee. No children- Id like to disagree with this, but it takes a really special sort of bloke to take on a woman with kids, and while Id like to think that I COULD be him, Im not really sure that I AM him. Drinks occasionally- dont care- as long as she doesnt feel she HAS to drink, or that she cant have fun without it. Re the list of attributes of the ideal girl as per the survey, I never believe this rubbish. Wacky personality (disagree...extreme is too much) 13. Non-smoker(deifintely) These surveys are all so subjective..your survey too many people you end up with a nice blamange of nothing much that suits no one. If they get that arm pillow to do some "pillow talk" would make sleeping far easier. :-p Posted by: the anvil drops on May 13, 2008 AM Kelly Le Brock perfect? Posted by: Calisto on May 13, 2008 AM Hey Asian girl, don't worry because you have other things going for you! Maria Sorry Maria, but I can't see the link between small boobs and hair on your face. But that's probably because I'm a tall brunette, too... Meh - this survey re-iterates the fact that beauty/desirability is culturally subjective. re: the debt - I've managed to pay over 70% of the debt in the last 2 years, so bite me : P Net result - I'll be back in my own place by Christmas this year - debt free and happy.Read Full Post » Just when I thought the internet/bloggosphere was a giant black-hole-sucking-thing, where light never escapes and single men in their 40s who live in their parents basements are revered You Tube superstars and not shunned by society as the disgusting peverts they really are, I received word that has been included in Total Films’ Another 600 Movie Blogs You Might Have Missed (I’m actually listed as Scott Brothers and not under Catalogue of Curiosities). They keep everything from harm, from air-borne damage.That’s right, I’m one of, well, 1200 film blogs that have been recognized as worthy of some attention, or at least a fleeting glance. Next, I’ll be setting my sites on inclusion in the A: In exciting and meaningful ways to be sure. Before plastic came along straws were made of wood which sometimes left splinters in the lips. Discounts are sometimes passed along if bought in bulk (but I didn’t tell you).

Assorted organs are transported across time-zones in plastic coolers of various primary colors, but sometimes the coolers are absconded with, relocated to far-flung locales, sold to the highest bidder. Dear God and Father Christmas Who Art in Heaven, plastic drop cloths are everywhere in the house! They (the plastic drop cloths) tend to blur the world around you in ways that are wholly unpleasant.Their mission was this: to produce entirely new paragons of beauty from using the body parts of the world's hottest celebrity females. Firstly, Sam, I hope you at some stage you open this up for the femmes to comment on their perfect man (maybe a composit of the Cleo Most Eligible Bachelors, if no similar research is available) - rather than the alternate of buying a weird looking blanky ;-) Anyway . Just like batteries, we all have a positive and negative. Thats nearly twice what I take home, but still not enough to keep me in the manner to which I would like to become accustomed 10. I celebrate having a brain, running my own business, earning a decent wage and not spending hours in the haridressers to get generic blonde hair. its just ruining their chances of finding their tick box partner because they are already taken... Blue eyes Blue, green, brown I don't care all can look very pretty on the right face. Long blonde hair I prefer medium to long hair but I don't care if its blonde, brunette, black, red. Generally I prefer an athletic or average body type. Funny, but my friends and I were just revising our "12 criteria" for men today: 1. Possibly - Depends on YOUR income though - 1/2 Tick : P 2. Personally I think glossy black hair is the most attractive colour umm.. Feel free to prove me wrong but I'm not the only one who says that.The catch was to morph the parts so the celebrity looks as natural as possible (although many end up looking like a bad version of Joan Rivers), and to do it all within 48 hours. "Firstly, Sam, I hope you at some stage you open this up for the femmes to comment on their perfect man (maybe a composit of the Cleo Most Eligible Bachelors, if no similar research is available) - rather than the alternate of buying a weird looking blanky ;-)" Posted by: Mr Ben Darcy on May 12, 2008 PM Bender: 13 & 17 1. Has hair, I personally prefer red, but any colour is fine 3. Good in bed- its not that important so dont really care 8. Very good looking- Im not so I cant really ask the same now can I? Wacky personality- any personality will do, as long as shes got one 13. and their equal half is just gonna shrug their shoulders and say... Sexual performance must be, at least, exceptional, ie. so this list was compiled via a survey of male members of a British dating website. Something better if you ask me personally though 16. Posted by: Overseas Hunk on May 13, 2008 AM I can't comment on all of the UK, but in London the Essex girl still reigns peroxide blonde, usually very slim / skinny, fake tan (always a little odd in a place that is cold for most of the year), very high heels she can't quite walk in properly and a lot of girls I know wear blue contact lenses (they also believe men like blue eyes more and think it's cool because Paris Hilton does it she actually has brown eyes).I will be rolling on-(xtsy) or We will be, lol so must be cool with that, I can travel to you etc! Nephi ma nude amature girls webcam sex md BBW seeking KINKY, well endowed. Im looking for a friend, someone to get cuddly with and fall asleep next to.Iam very chill and down to earth, married for married 4 platonic 61356 very clean etc..... The pics are not me, but i have pics in return as well! Not looking for intercourse but if we click well and it happens, bbw seeks Dickinson first it happens.

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  1. “So I’m sticking with my side of the plan, which is to bring her back at the very end.” That being said, Ian Somerhalder’s wife has apparently banned him from ever working with Dobrev again.