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Okay, so some of the series are less impressive than others, and one or two are in English (remember Australia’s ? What began as a fad, accompanied by much reductive talk of ‘Scandi noir’ and a mildly disturbing national obsession with Sarah Lund’s knitwear, has culminated in a golden age for telly addicts.Our initial resistance to subtitles has faded, and a whole world of often beautifully acted, compellingly plotted drama has opened up.Eddie's peculiar nocturnal activity is well known to those responsible for bringing Olafssen to Koda Lake, including a fellow instructor (Georgina Reilly) who has no problem with the two sharing a living space.Netflix has boarded BBC drama “The Last Kingdom” as a co-producer for the second season as filming starts in Budapest, Hungary. S., Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Japan, Spain and Portugal.

Two adaptations have since appeared: a Franco-British series, ’s unique appeal lies in its settings: the city of Malmö in southern Sweden and Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, linked since 2002 by the Øresund Bridge.

Local creative Ali Davoodi shares his insider tips for how to get the most out of a visit.

For the few of us who still, on occasion, watch television when it’s actually broadcast, that timeslot means only one thing: high-quality drama from outside the anglophone world.

One thing we know for sure is that it is likely to be one of the goriest seasons to date.

“It will be the most nasty start The Bridge has had,” writer Hans Rosenfeldt told the Expressen tabloid back in August.

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