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It's been in the news for some time that Christine, just like her role in the series, is a lesbian.Although these were all wild speculations but her secret nature of not disclosing about relationship adds more fuel to the fire.People nowadays are quick to give remarks regarding anyone's sexuality.And because of this we generally come across rumors about them being gay.But does the gorgeous actress Christine Woods has someone special to attend besides her inclining career? Active as an actress since 1987, Christine hasn’t allowed her love life blend with her acting career.No doubt, this thirty-three years old actress has won million of hearts, but is there someone who has been ruling her heart?

Avid actress Christine Woods has not shared anything about her love affairs, married life and her loving spouse. Woods is more than enthusiastic to be playing a lesbian for the first time in her career and pushing the limits of her acting experience.She describes Janis as a “tough broad” who “holds her own” in her predominantly male FBI squad based in LA.She's dating a person named Jon James for a long time.Well, there you have it, Christine is living together with her boyfriend and their three Labrador Retrievers.

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