China glaze bermuda breakaway dating a royal

I have found the best way to get crackles to work well and make a lot of cracks is to apply the polish very thin.

It will look sheer when you apply it but as it shrinks and cracks it becomes opaque.

I have been working on re-doing a lot of my swatches lately. Broken nails, fingers at bizarre angles, bad lighting, lots of glare... This is in between frost, metallic and pearl and leans more to the pearl side than the metallic side but is still reflective like a metallic. A bright nearly-neon blue with gorgeous glass-fleck shimmer. It just looks awesome on everyone, even a super pale girl with red lobster claw hands like me!

Some of the worst photos I've ever taken were of the China Glaze Bahama Blues collection. This color is unbelievably pretty and it's going to be a polish lover's favorite for a long time. Not my favorite of the collection, but not a bad polish. It's lighter and more noticeably blue than a traditional navy blue. The thing I love the most about this color is that it is a very dark blue that actually looks blue and not black.

It made me want to take a step back and round house kick the display off the shelf and send it crashing to the floor. I LOVE this Combo and also the Ruby Kisses polish and the name of the polish!

I will have swatches and reviews of Ruby Kisses polishes in a few days.

The other day I was in Walgreens and saw the new Sinful Colors display of nothing but rows and rows of BLACK CRACKLE! Mia Secret Gold Crackle over Ruby Kisses Deal With the Devil.In my original review, I complained loudly about the thick, stringy formula of these. My opinion of the formula hasn't changed, but I am slightly more forgiving of the bad consistency of the polishes because the colors in this collection are so awesome. Now that I have been working at the community for the elderly for three weeks, my nails are pretty damaged.I use a alcohol desinfectant probably up to 25 times a day.

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