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The historical city of Cartagena has a fairy tale quality which makes it perfect for romance.

You can explore a new country and at the same time, meet some gorgeous ladies in a faraway land who can fill your life with the much needed spark and excitement. You fall in love, you have fun for a few years and then you get bored.” We pull up at a traffic light.As for the motivations of the potential wives, the report’s authors sagely conclude, “We cannot know what is in a woman’s mind.” In response to their being three murders of foreign brides in their country between 19, the US government introduced the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act [IMBRA] in 2005 which, in part, enforced disclosure of criminal or violent history in the wife-hunters. Most of all, we believe in love.” After dropping into the agency office to sign a document permitting the agency to check my name against a collection of registers for IMBRA purposes, Juan delivers me to the apartment in which I’ll be spending the next three nights. Every time she calls I tell her I don’t speak Spanish, at which point her shouting takes on a sarcastic, hectoring quality. They’re like Shakespearian witches, wailing bad portent. Via his translation, I discover that Yvonne is a private detective who follows men whose partners suspect them of adultery. The monotony is only broken by the day’s final candidate, who arrives, blushing and grinning, direct from the lunatic asylum. This has enabled him to devote his life to his international hunt for a romantic companion. In the twentieth century, the trend was towards women living in developing countries seeking men in more developed nations.In the twenty-first century, the trend is now based primarily on internet-based meeting places which do not per se qualify as mail-order bride services.

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  2. Moje maminka vždycky říká: „Moje krása není jen na povrchu.“Moje kouzelná schopnost: Kdykoliv zamrkám nebo zazpívám, kluci ani zvířátka se neudrží a musí mě přijít zachránit. To, že můj příběh končí naší svatbou, ještě přece neznamená, že se o nás musí pořád mluvit, jasný?